Encouraging a Culture of Support

The New Brunswick Heart Centre is proud to acknowledge two support groups that provide advice, encouragement and aid to former surgical patients at the centre.

The New Brunswick Heart Surgery Support Group (NBHSSG) was created in 1991, the same year as the Heart Centre itself. This support group is comprised of former open heart surgery patients who visit and offer emotional support to patients and their family members. Their support continues to be an integral part of the cardiac surgery program at the NBHC.

A member of the NBHSSG visits open heart surgery patients the day prior to their surgical procedure and again before their discharge from the hospital. These patients are located on one of the NBHC Nursing Units such as 5BN-Cardiac Services, CCU or 5ANorth.

Membership in the NBHSSG continues to grow as former surgery patients from the greater Saint John region are recruited and trained as new visitors. Two gatherings of visitors are held each year, and educational talks concerning developments in cardiac care are frequently offered by guest speakers.

NBHSSG is supported by the United Commercial Travelers, Jack Kidd Council #755, The Knights of Columbus Council #6770 and the Real Atlantic Superstores. These supporters have been instrumental in allowing the group to fulfill its mandate.

The support group welcomes new recruits. If you are, or know of, a former open heart surgery patient who might be interested in becoming a volunteer visitor, please contact us at 506-648-7782 or email us at hc.nb@HorizonNB.ca

The Happy Hearts Support Group was started in 1999 by a group of cardiac patients and their families who had attended the cardiac rehab program at the Saint John Regional Hospital.

The group holds meetings four times a year with combined speakers and social event activities.

Members also help the staff of the cardiac rehab program organize the annual Walk of Life for Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab and the annual Christmas Open House for all past alumni of the cardiac rehab program.

Their fundraising efforts have benefited veterans and pediatric groups.