What is our vision at the New Brunswick Heart Centre? We want this institution to take a leadership role in the detection, prevention, management and reporting of cardiovascular disease in the province of New Brunswick.


Our mission is closely tied to this overarching vision. Every day, we aim to deliver the highest quality cardiovascular care to everyone who walks in our doors, while respecting the dignity and individuality of our patients, colleagues, collaborators and the general public. By effectively communicating with our patients, conducting and participating in important research and continuously educating ourselves and our patients, we work every day to further develop the provincial cardiac care network in New Brunswick.


Our mission inspires us to live by a particular set of values in all of our day-to-day activities and interactions:

  • Dedication and commitment to quality patient care.
  • Respect for the individual along the entire continuum of care that we provide.
  • Equality and Fairness, meaning the provision of unbiased access to competent and consistent services in both official languages at all times.
  • Openness in patient interactions, and a belief in the ability of our patients to make their own personal choices within the framework of medical ethics and community standards.
  • Fiscal responsibility in all budgeting and spending, and a pledge to hold ourselves accountable for our decisions.
  • Adaptability to changing circumstances and a commitment to embracing new ideas in the pursuit of excellence.
  • Transparency in our interactions with our support network and information sharing between the NBHC and relevant stakeholders.
  • Partnership and Teamwork in all of their many forms, whether we are jointly working with external partners to improve patient care or working alongside our colleagues in the spirit of mutual respect and collaboration.