Our research group, led by Dr.Jean-Francois Legare, is at the forefront of ground-breaking studies aimed at advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care.

Keith Brunt, PhD

Translation Scientist

Dr. Keith Brunt is the main founder & leader of IMPART team. He is an associate professor at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick, a translational scientist in the cardiovascular surgery/ cardiology departments of the New Brunswick Heart Centre. He is also the president of the Heart & Stroke Foundation New Brunswick.

Following the completion of his undergraduate studies in Physiology at the University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Brunt went on to Queens University to pursue Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. After a fellowship in Cardiac Surgery and Regenerative Medicine at Toronto General Hospital, he became an Assistant Professor in Pharmacology and Medicine in Saint John.

Dr. Brunt is currently teaching as an adjunct professor in the University of New Brunswick’s Faculty of Business in addition to directing Community Engagement and Innovation Development efforts for Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick. He is also the Chief Scientific Officer at NB-BioMatrix, Inc., and a special graduate faculty member at the University of Guelph in Ontario.

Research interests for Dr. Brunt include nano-pharmocology, heme metabolism, and molecular and cellular cardiology.

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Kenneth D’Souza, PhD

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dr. D’Souza is currently a Mitacs Elevate post-doctoral fellow at the NBHC and Dalhousie. He completed an undergraduate and MSc at McMaster University in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He then completed his PhD in Biochemistry at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick (DMNB). Notably, Dr. D’Souza was a NSERC Vanier funded scholar (first in NB for life sciences) as well as the first PhD graduate at DMNB. 

Dr. D’Souza currently focuses on cardiac amyloid disease. In addition to managing several clinical projects on amyloidosis, he is also developing novel diagnostics for amyloidosis, including the use of spectroscopy and machine learning. Apart from research, he is also the principal grant writer and assists with all aspects of research management and planning.

Dr. D’Souza is also a contracted instructor at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) and Mount Allison, where he teaches a broad range of subjects across Biology, Biochemistry and Health. 

Dana El-Mughayyar, MSc

Clinical Research Manager

Dana El-Mughayyar, a researcher with over 7 years of experience in clinical research and a recipient of multiple awards, has reached noteworthy milestones in her academic and professional journey. Holding a Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in Biology and Psychology, along with a Master of Science in Kinesiology from the University of New Brunswick, Dana is currently dedicated to her Ph.D. pursuit at Dalhousie University. Her research passion lies in improving cardiac rehabilitation outcomes through interdisciplinary approaches. Dana's expertise extends to spine, orthopaedics, and neurosurgery clinical research, showcasing her versatile background in the field.

Dana’s role includes navigating patient consents, ensuring accurate data entry, and collaborating with stakeholders to secure funding for NBHCR initiatives. Her routine includes lab visits for biobanking, seamless coordination with OR staff, and monitoring studies. She manages REB applications, actively participates in conferences, and leads medical devices and cardiac rehab research with various collaborators. Her expertise spans various healthcare initiatives, including neurosurgery standards for Accreditation Canada, spinal cord injury accreditation, and chronic pain clinic research. Dana's impact extends to a rich portfolio of peer-reviewed publications and presentations at national and international conferences, solidifying her dedication to the scientific community.

Dana’s commitment to patient interactions is more than a professional duty, it's a genuine belief that behind every data point and research goal, there's a unique individual with their own story. She values these human connections and recognizes the importance of fostering an environment where patients feel not only seen and heard but also actively involved in their healthcare journey.

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Komal Ambaliya, MD

Clinical Research Coordinator

Komal Ambaliya is a qualified medical doctor who earned her MBBS degree and worked as a physician in the past. She is currently preparing for an exam and plans to apply for a residency program soon. As an MBBS graduate, Komal has received comprehensive training in various medical disciplines, including anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, microbiology, and community medicine. With her experience as a physician, Komal has likely gained valuable clinical skills, such as diagnosing illnesses, interpreting test results, and developing treatment plans for patients. Overall, Komal‘s qualifications and experience demonstrate her commitment to the medical profession and her pursuit of excellence in patient care. Komal is currently on Maternity leave until December 2024.

Everglad Mugutso, MD

Clinical Research Coordinator

Everglad is deeply committed to engaging in research and clinical activities that enhance patient outcomes. Her initial exposure to research involved benchside work during her BSc in Human Physiology, utilizing the frog heart as a model. As a medical student, she further delved into patient-centered and health services research, driven by the observed deficits in her daily interactions with the healthcare system in Zimbabwe. Upon relocating to Canada, she recognized that certain healthcare challenges are not exclusive to low-income countries. Motivated to contribute to clinical research in this new context, she dedicated nearly a year to volunteering with IMPART before embarking on an MSc in Experimental Medicine (Health Outcomes Research) at McGill University. Currently, as a Clinical Research Coordinator at the New Brunswick Heart Centre, Everglad is enthusiastic about leveraging her experiences to enhance health research in the province. She looks forward to making meaningful contributions to the organization. Moreover, she is in the process of obtaining licensure to practice as a physician, aiming to utilize her entire skill set for both personal career advancement and to contribute to the well-being of New Brunswickers. Outside work, she values spending time in nature and with her family. A huge fan of true crime podcasts and anything that twinkles in the nightsky, she could have been a detective or a NASA scientist in another lifetime.