Wade MacWilliams

Hello I am Wade, I currently attend Dalhousie University and am finishing up my Bachelor Degree. Afterwards, I hope to pursue something medicine related, whether its medical school, chiropractic, physiotherapy, or ect. Under Dr. JF Legare I'm working on data entry and, on the side, building a research proposal on TAVI with respect to many data points such as mortality and how they trend over time. Fun fact about me: I'm a major Pittsburgh Penguins fan and I love to watch hockey and UFC.

Malcolm MacKinnon

My name is Malcolm MacKinnon, and I am an incoming 4th-year BSc student specializing in biochemistry at Mount Allison University, where my honours research focuses on characterizing phenylalanine signal transduction through novel G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs). At the Heart Centre, my clinical research interests include intervention for acute myocardial infarction, cardiac surgery, and specialized procedures such as TAVI. My current focuses include designing a prospective database for provincial STEMI patients as well as assessing pandemic-driven systemic effects on various areas of cardiovascular care. Outside of research, I enjoy playing golf, and spending time outside, and am a volunteer coach for various youth sports in the area.